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S.I.A.S. S.r.l., has been assumed from always like priority engagement that one protect the privacy of the own ones employee, customers, collaborators and customers. To such aim S.I.A.S. S.r.l. has adopted one political with respect to the privacy that it is valid for all the situated one and regulated the collection and uses it of the data. For ulterior and more specific information approximately such rules of treatment and I use of the personal data is sent back to the Informative one on the privacy of S.I.A.S. S.r.l. and to the additional information brought back to the Informative term of the same one.

All the data and the personal information that eventually customers will transmit in order to approach the restricted areas of the situated one as collections, used and disclosed based on the terms of the Informative present.

Collection of the personal information
In some pages of the situated one, S.I.A.S. S.r.l. can, through affixed to you form, to collect personal information, which address email, the name, the address and the number of telephone of house or the office. S.I.A.S. S.r.l. can also collect given demographic, like the CAP, the hotlist age, sex, preferences, interests and.

S.I.A.S. S.r.l. could collect moreover some regarding information the hardware and the software of your computer. Such information can comprise: IP address, type of browser, names of dominion, hours of access and situated addresses of Web of origin. These information are used from S.I.A.S. S.r.l. in order to guarantee the good operation and the elevated quality of the service and to supply statistics generates them on the S.I.A.S use. S.r.l..

If it comes created a account on the situated one of S.I.A.S. S.r.l., you come only recorded in the such archives. All the information supplied during the recording will come conserved from S.I.A.S. S.r.l. For ulterior information on the this service, the data memorizza you in the access profile and the modalities of I use and protection of the personal information, you take vision of the Informative one on the privacy of S.I.A.S. S.r.l..

Use of the personal information
S.I.A.S. S.r.l. collects and uses your personal data in order to guarantee the good operation of S.I.A.S. S.r.l. and in order to supply the services that you have demanded. Moreover, such data could also come use you from S.I.A.S. S.r.l. in order to hold to you informed on the availability of other products and services puttinges to disposition. S.I.A.S. S.r.l. finally can contact to you in the within of surveys in order to know your opinions on puts into effect them services or on new services it upgrades them.

S.I.A.S. S.r.l. does not sell neither rent neither on loan grants to third parts the own ones lists of customers. S.I.A.S. S.r.l. could, every so often, contact to you to external name of partner in order to signal offered thought interesting. In such cases, the personal information (address email, name, address, number of telephone) do not come however transferred to third parts.
Sometimes they come employed other societies for the supply of services limits to you, like the elaboration and the shipment of messages, the supply of a servicing, the elaboration of transactions or the development of analysis statistics on our services. To such societies they will come supplied exclusively the necessary information to the supply of the service. Moreover, such societies have the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information and they cannot use them for other scopes.

S.I.A.S. S.r.l. does not use neither discloses given personal, like those relati to you to race, political religion and affiliations, without your explicit consent.

Control of the personal information

Some services S.I.A.S. S.r.l.s periodically send email in order to inform the customers with respect to technical problems of the services, market surveys, announcements of new functionalities and relative news to products and services S.I.A.S. S.r.l.s. Since constitute integrating part of the chosen service, are not possible to cancel the subscription to such lists of distribution.

Protection of the personal information
S.I.A.S. S.r.l. is engaged protect with the maximum diligenza your personal information. The various technologies and procedures of which we arrange are finalized protect your personal data from the access, I use it or the spreading does not authorize to you. As an example, your personal data as memorizedyou on systems of limited access computer, place to you in controlled structures.

Use of the cookie
S.I.A.S. S.r.l. uses the "cookie" in order to personalize the exploration of Internet. A cookie is text rows stored on the hard disk from a serveur of Web pages. It is not possible to use the cookie in order to execute programs or to transmit virus to your computer. The cookie come assign you to the customers singularly and can be read exclusively from the serveur Web belonging to the dominion that has emitted them.

One of the main scopes of the cookie is that one to supply a simple method and convenient in order makes you to save time. As an example, if it personalizes the S.I.A.S pages. S.r.l. or carries out the recording to situated or services S.I.A.S. S.r.l., a cookie allows S.I.A.S. S.r.l. to recall your specific information to every successive visit, simplifying moreover the process of recording of the personal data, which the shipment, invoicing addresses and therefore via. When you return to page S.I.A.S. S.r.l., will be possible to recall the information supplied previously, so as to to easy use the functionalities personalized of S.I.A.S. S.r.l..

You can accept or refuse the cookie. The greater part of browser the chip ax the cookie automatically, but of usual is possible to modify the formulation of the browser in order to refuse the cookie, if it is preferred. If you choose to refuse the cookie, but, you could more not be in a position to totally drawing advantage of the interactive functionalities of the S.I.A.S services. Situated S.r.l.s and of the Web visit to you.

Application of the Informative one on the privacy
If you have doubts care the Informative present, contacted in the first place S.I.A.S. S.r.l.. sending an email privacy@sias-spa.it

Modifications to the Informative present
S.I.A.S. S.r.l. reserves the right to modernize the Informative present on the privacy in order to adapt it to the current norms let alone holding in debita consideration the suggestions transmitted from dependent, customers, collaborators and customers. In case of modifications to the Informative present from S.I.A.S S.r.l., will come visualized the word "modernization" beside the connection of the Informative one on the privacy in the main page of S.I.A.S. S.r.l.. In case of substantial modifications to the Informative one or in case S.I.A.S. S.r.l. decides to modify the modalities of uses of the personal information, S.I.A.S. S.r.l. will publish in visible way such modifications before the effective entered in vigor. S.I.A.S. S.r.l. advises to regularly take vision of the Informative one for always being dawned on the modalities of protection of the information adopted from Microsoft.

Information on the contact
S.I.A.S. S.r.l. encourages the shipment of comments on the Informative present on the privacy. If you think that S.I.A.S. S.r.l. has not followed indicated how much in the Informative one, contacts S.I.A.S. S.r.l. by telephone or through email or ordinary.

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