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Società Italiana Apparecchi Scientifici

The S.I.A.S S.p.A. Company (Italian Scientific Apparatus Company) was officially founded in 1971. The creation of SIAS S.p.A originated from a company that Libero Bonetti established in 1956.
Libero Bonetti started his business project and created mechanical instruments that were used for clinical medical examinations and medical research activities. These instruments were used by various Italian Universities, the Italian Air Force, the British Royal Air Force and by the United States Navy. Furthermore, the company also specialised in the production of research equipment for marine geology (the principle buyers of this equipment were Italian Geological universities, namely, Bologna, Trieste and Perugia).




Reliability and innovation are the key words of SIAS products. They are the result of thirty years experience in radiology. It should be remembered that from 1995 SIAS certified ISO 9000.

ISO9001 Certificate - ISO13485 Certificate


In the early sixties Libero Bonetti has started a strict collaboration with the Radiology Institute of Bologna University , then directed by the Prof. Palmieri, that caused the realization of injector tire for angiography and cardiology; this collaboration is afterward prosecuted with the realization of an equipment for arteriography, which allowed the exposure of 6 sheets radiographics of large format (cm 30 x 120) in rapid sequence.

In the early seventies Libero Bonetti was engaged in the planning and production of different electromedical devices. The principal devices were:

  • C-arm portable for fluoroscopy
  • r emote controlled board;
  • injectors for contrast media for angiography.

Between 1975 and 1980, due to the success of the radiological instruments, S.I.A.S. solely devoted itself to the electromedical field. S.I.A.S abandoned all production of research equipment for other fields that were not medical. In short, in 1982 S.I.A.S. went into partnership with S.p.A to develop the business further by focusing on development, production, marketing, installation and maintenance of medical equipment/devices. The company's vision emphasizes the development of high quality, innovative medical devices/equipment
The company policy is strongly directed to development of innovative medical devices and of high quality.
For this reason, the planning and development of the medical devices/equipment has been made in conjunction with the various certified research institutes and clients.

As a result of the company's policy, SIAS is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, especially in the more advanced areas of cardiology and angiography. In particular, SIAS is the sole European manufacturer of injectors for angiography and TAC. It was also the first company in Italy to produce a mobile system for angiography and cardiology and it is the only company in the world to produce all the components base of the room for emodynamic, that is injector, bed for catheter and angiograph

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